Catcher’s Training for Legs – Strength Without The Soreness!

23 September 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

A good baseball workout will separate pitcher’s from position players
in terms of the exercises and drills that are performed. Obviously, the
physical responsibilities of each player are different….
and therefore the training must be too.

But take that a step further and do you think it’s necessary to break down
the position players training even more?

Do we need to “cut the pie” even further and train certain positions differently
than others?

Well, when it comes to that one guy that sits behind the dish…I think it’s pretty
obvious that nobody else on the field shares similar responsibilities.

Who else needs to squat and stand repeatedly over 200 times a game?

Who else needs to have cat like reflexes to field his position…from their knees?!?

Who else needs to be able to take the field game after game after game, after enduring the above?

Well….it’s time to show some love and give you catchers out there a killer,
quick leg circuit that you can do that will help build your strength
in and out of season….and keep your legs feeling strong and
fresh from the first game to the last!

Check it out here:

Have comments?

Feel free to add them below! In fact…definitely add them below!!
In the meantime, get 14 more weeks of workouts just like this by getting your
copy of the Major League Insider Training System!

Best in health and baseball,

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Think Before You Drink – How Much Water Do You Need For Baseball?

23 August 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello Insiders!

Going to switch it up a little bit this week.

Just as important as training the right way is to better performance
on the field….so too is proper nutrition and hydration!

Let me ask you….do you know how much water you REALLY should
be taking in while you are playing a game?

Even more important than that…do you know that even a 1% drop in
body water can cause a decrease in reaction time, concentration and
power generation?!?!

Wow….not exactly the kinds of things you need to disappear on you when
you’re out on the diamond trying to read and react to a 90+ mph heater or
when you’re on the mound trying to execute that payoff pitch!

Watch the video I put together for you as I explain (white board and all!)
exactly how much you should be drinking to perform at your best and to
maximize all the benefits your training has been giving you!

Best in health and baseball,


PS. Remember to mark Wednesday August 26th on your calendar!
Don’t miss your chance to have Jeff personally coach you to success as he
has with such greats as Pedro Martinez, David Wright, and Johan Santana,

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Have You Ever Tried To Swing A Baseball Bat In A Canoe?

15 August 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello Insider!

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last put together a video…
but I definitely wasn’t taking a vacation!

I’ve been working on bringing you something very exciting!

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek of what’s in store and how YOU can benefit from this!!

Also, in this video see why trying to hit a baseball (regardless of how strong you are)
without hip stability is like trying to swing a bat while standing in a canoe.

Probably not going to produce much power are you? Not to mention
there is a good chance you’re going to get wet!

Watch below and stay tuned for the special announcement
of what’s coming up here NEXT WEEK on Major League Insider Training….

You’re going to want to act quick next week…the opportunity of a lifetime will be very limited!

Best in health and baseball,

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Want To Increase Pitching Velocity…Build a Better Braking System

27 July 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Welcome to another Episode of the Major League Insider Blog!

Are you still looking for the competitive edge that can get you
to start throwing harder than your opponents by knowing
the right exercises you MUST be doing now?

If that is the case, then you’re going to love this week’s blog!

From the popular Shoulder “De-ACCELERATION” series comes
yet another exercise that might change the way you think
about speeding up the arm and increasing velocity…by yes…
teaching it how to slow down more efficiently!


Watch and I’ll explain…..

Need to pick up your own Jump Band to start doing these
exercises and start adding some serious MPH today??

Click here to order with my special “INsider Discount”

That does it for this week’s blog

Make sure to send in any questions you might have to
and be sure to leave your comments below! They are always welcome.

Til next week,

Best in health and baseball,

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Can Your Baseball Workout Program Prevent Injuries?

21 July 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello Insider,

For the majority of players…the most unpredictable element of your game is
your performance!

Some days its good….other days great….and still others, well, not so great.

But then you throw in the fact that a lot of you guys are competing with
not only high expectations from yourself, but also from others.

As one of the best players on your particular team, your teammates, coaches,
parents and even possibly college and pro scouts will often
expect a great deal from you….and god forbid….label you a “Can’t Miss” Prospect!

It drives me crazy!

Having spent a great deal of time around some of the greatest players to
ever step on a diamond….they would be the first to tell you, there is

This game ain’t that easy!

In the same breath, writing someone off because they emerge later in their
career than normal is equally aggravating. For whatever reason, some players
just “get it” after spending a few years taking their lumps.

Chalk it up to youth, physical development, learning the game, etc.
Whatever! The key is though….there are some great players that emerge
slightly later in their career to do some impressive things

Can you say…Nelson Cruz?!?!

Anway, check out this video to see why labeling a player either a “Can’t Miss”
or a “Never Will Be” are an equal disservice to the player…..
and ultimately can lead to an injury (which I’ll explain in the video)

So what can be done to prevent this?? Listen and discover how you
can establish a crucial element of predictability to your game….
that can serve to guide you to success (without all the bumps along the way!)

Best in health and baseball,

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Hit More Homeruns By Hitting The Hips In The Weight Room

9 July 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Here we are just days after the 4th of July…but at Major League Insider Training,
the explosions are just beginning!

As you know, power is KEY to not only increasing your velocity on the mound,
but also to turning around those heaters and depositing them on the other
side of the fence…if you’re a hitter

However, that said, unless you’re “hip” to how to turn on your hips in your swing
(HINT…these are your power generators!), then you’re not quite hitting it
as far as you can just yet.

But think about how exciting that is?!?

If you’re like most young ballplayers, you’re currently only hitting the ball
about 60%-70% of what you are capable of!

Want to start “bumping” that up in just a few days?

Then welcome to one of the finest (and easiest) drills of the Load To Explode
system. Start doing this one move and you might want to start practicing
your home run trot as well! You’re going to need it!

Check this out:

Til next week,
Best in health and baseball…..


PS. Don’t miss out on the re-release of “Load To Explode”!
This sold out in just 3 days last time it was offered…
don’t be left without it again!

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Strength or Mechanics? We May Have Settled The Debate

26 June 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Just like the age old question of…

“What came first…the chicken or the egg?”
Baseball has it’s own version of this puzzle…..

What matters more to a pitcher? His strength and conditioning or his mechanics?

This week I had special guest Paul Reddick on the

Insider Training Blog and we sat down and discussed

this very issue…as only a “Strength and Conditioning Guy”

and “Mechanics Guy” could.

There are a lot of solid points brought up by each side…

but it’s the “answer” that you’re really going to want to hear….and why!

Find out what was said here:

Then, if you haven’t already…grab your copy of

by clicking here

Best in health and baseball,


P.S. Feel free to “weigh in” on this topic by posting your comment below!

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Find Out If You Have Major League Power

19 June 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Where do you stack up against your peers and
even the big leaguers in the power department?

Did you ever wish there was a test that you could
do anywhere that would allow you to get a better
sense of the answer to this question?

Well…here it is!

Take a look at the explosion this young guy has and
just what it means to his potential to throw much harder
than he is already.

This is just one of the 6 tests you can perform right now in your own
backyard to figure out just where you stack up against, not only others
your age, but the big leaguers as well.

Get the rest of them in the Major League Insider Training System

by clicking on the home page above to order!

PS. Send in those “Last Chance Til September” applications to for your chance to
have your game changed forever (like this young man did), by
spending 2 Days Training with me in the “Inside The Game”
Workshop. Don’t miss your last chance!

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If It’s Good Enough For An All-Star Centerfielder….

11 June 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

This week I show you how one single exercise can finally teach your body to not only

“Stay Back” on the ball, but more importantly….hit with MORE POWER as a result!

Need any more convincing? All-Star CF Carlos Beltran adopted this exercise as

a daily pregame move that he felt help him “groove” this all important concept


Remember…without first LOADING, you cannot UNLOAD and UNLEASH your

true power! Load To Explode is here and here is a quick example! Enjoy

Til next week!

Best in health and baseball,


PS. Reserve your spot on the waiting list to train with me LIVE for two days

in an intensive one-on-one workshop! You get 16 hours with me teaching you

everything I know. Everything I use with my big league players is available to you!

Write to

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Making Huge “STRIDES” To Being Dominant On The Mound

4 June 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey guys,

Excited to be back here for yet another week of video blogs! You know the old saying “A picture says a thousand words” right?

Well….it couldn’t be any more true, and I think that’s why this format has been so well received.

That said, you ask for it…YOU got it! Check out the video below for an explanation of how increasing your stride length can

have a signficant effect on the velocity with which you can throw the ball….or even the “Perceived Velocity” that you throw!

I know….I promised I’d bring you cool stuff didn’t I?


Also, yes…I finally got my first “You look like Nomar Garciaparra” comment! It took longer than I thought it would!

Here you go:

PS. To find out how you can have your son work one-on-one with me in this very exclusive limited opportunity, write to

PPS. Head over to to see what has the baseball world “buzzing”

Til next week,

Best in health and baseball,


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