Pitching Arm Injury? Blame Anyone But Your Arm

28 May 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the great feedback about the new “video blog” format. You ask for more….I’ll give you
what you want. That’s the way it rolls here at the INSIDER BLOG!

Without further wait……let’s get to this weeks blog

PS. Be sure to watch how Garrett from Detroit sees why asking questions not only makes him the star of this
weeks show….but entitles him to some awesome FREE stuff over at: http://www.LoadToExplode.com

Keep up the comments and questions guys! We are heading into the official start of Summer and things
are certainly heating up here at the INSIDER!

Best in health and baseball,


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Insider Blog – Up Close and Personal

19 May 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey Guys!

Check out the new format! Feel free to add your comments and feedback below

Also….make sure to send those questions and if your question is selected and read right here on the INsider Training Blog
you’re going to win your very own copy of the upcoming “Load to Explode” DVD, just for speaking up!

See…it pays to ask questions!

That said, let’s answer Ryan from Illinois’s question on WARMING UP…..the right way!

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Torii Hunter “POWERS UP”…and Saves The Game!

11 May 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

If you haven’t seen it by now…Anaheim’s Torii Hunter made one
of the best catches I’ve seen in a long time….not only
robbing a homerun with a tremendous leaping catch, but doing
so to save the game and preserve a win for his Angels.

If you missed it somehow….check this out!

Torii seems to make a habit of making great catches…

But that’s not all.

He also makes a habit of training hard and training explosively!

You see…there is a difference in just training and training E-X-P-L-O-S-I-V-E-L-Y!!

Whether you are a pitcher, catcher, second baseman, or centerfielder…if your training
program does not incorporate POWER training at the right time and with the right exercises,
you are missing out on a vital piece of the puzzle to making you a better player than you are now.

POWER is simply a combination of mass x speed. Short quick burst purposeful movements.

When you train for baseball you need to:

– Train the body to apply force from the legs to the mound for a high octane push off if you’re a pitcher.
– Train the body to unleash the hips with the velocity of a tornado at ball contact to drive the ball with more power.
– Train the body to explode off the dirt after diving into the hole to rob a sure base hit and then fire a bullet to 1st for the out.
– Train the body to sprint at breakneck speed into the gap, plant, and then leap with a vertical that would impress Lebron James to
rob a potential game winning homer!

Torii Hunter knows this…

Great pitchers like Johan Santana throws with this…

And the Major League Insider Training System shows you exactly how to do it!

Are you IN?

Stay tuned. More explosive exercises soon to come on the blog, as well as a special opportunity
to get your hands on what people are already saying might be the “hottest baseball DVD series
available today… “Load to Explode” ! You’re not going to want to miss these!

Keep working…and playing hard.

Best in health and baseball,


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Who Knew Biceps Curls Were The PERFECT Exercise for Pitchers?!?

6 May 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey Guys,

So…as you know, I would say that when it comes to baseball training and conditioning
I’ve been around the block.

I’m not saying that I’ve seen EVERYTHING, because I’m a true believer that if you just open
your eyes, you can learn something new each and every day.

However, I have seen lots of stuff being done in Major League Weight Rooms, local gyms, and
by various trainers that would make you just shake your head and wonder aloud…

“What the heck does that have to do with baseball?!?”

Well, in some circles…the biceps curl exercise (yes, the same old boring version that has been around
since the days that Arnold and his buddies were doing them just to showcase their arms for the girls
on Venice Beach) has unfairly gotten knocked as having no place in a true baseball or pitcher’s workout

While that may be true, because the standing biceps curl isn’t either a particularly athletic or functional
exercise as it relates to the pitching motion…it doesn’t mean that we never want to strengthen them and
instead only focus on the muscles that we “think” control the pitching delivery.

We have a tendency to focus ONLY on the muscles that generate the forward motion….but neglect those muscles
behind the scenes that “CONTROL” that forward motion. Remember, as I’ve written about on here before, a failure to
consider these “cameo actors” can ruin even the biggest blockbuster movie!

See my point?

So….the question then becomes, how can we work the biceps in a way that is more functional to what we really do
when out on the mound?

Glad you asked.

The Cable Curl and Crunch does just that from a standpoint of tying in the lower body and core.

In a subsequent post, I will show you another variation that will work the biceps more in their role as
the decelerators of throwing. But for now, lets make the classic Arnold Barbell Curl a bit more useful
for you guys whose goal it is to fans in the “STANDS” who cheer your every move, instead of fans in the

That said…….the Cable Curl and Crunch

Best in health and baseball,


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“Turn” on the POWER in your swing!

26 April 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello Insider!

Want to “turn” on that hidden power in your swing?

Did you ever wonder if you had more in you but just weren’t efficiently tapping into it?

Include this one exercise in your training routine and in no time you’ll find that you will
start clearing the fences with more and more ease!

It is the combined action of the back hip “load and explode” and the powerful core rotation that makes this upper body
exercise a can’t miss if you’re looking for more “pop” in your bat this year.

If you haven’t been utilizing these muscles the way they are capable of working…you might even surprise yourself when
you see where the balls you hit are going to start landing!

For more exercises that you can’t afford NOT to be doing if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition
this season…..

Make sure to pick up your copy of the Major League Insider Training System and finally untap your peak potential
as a player in the shortest time possible.

Are you IN?

Best in health and baseball,


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Slow down….to speed UP!

19 April 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey everyone!

Lots of exciting stuff going on here on the INSIDE CORNER!

First of all…the 2009 season is well underway and surprises are occurring all over!

Already…..3….count them 3 CYCLES have been recorded!
Chien Ming Wang has looked nothing like the dominant pitcher he once was…and…
confusion still rules when it comes to how to throw harder without injuring the arm!

Well, check out the inaugural video edition of the INSIDE PITCH right here and start
incorporating this drill into your cuff strengthening program for quick results that
you will be able to use THIS SEASON

CLICK BELOW and feel free to add your comments:

For more cutting edge exercises and the exact step by step program to get you in top shape
for THIS season….

Click on the “about the book” link above and find out more

Glad to have you Inside! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Best in health and baseball,


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Changing the Way YOU pitch…NOW!

1 April 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey everyone!

I am sorry that I’ve been a bit out of touch for the last week or so, but

there are so many exciting things going on here at Major League INsider Training!

I wanted to let you listen to this audio clip about a new partnership that I formed with

my friend and colleague…..expert pitching coach Rick Peterson….that is truly going to be

a “Game Changer”!

Youth pitching injuries may truly be a thing of the past from now on!!

Take a listen and feel free to add your comments!

Listen Now

I will be sure to update you guys as we move ahead. As INsiders, you will no doubt

get the FIRST WORD before anyone else…as well as first crack when the program

is live.

Due to the sophistication that goes into each analysis….spots will be limited upon its release to market.

I’ll be sure you don’t get left standing at the door!

That said, take a listen.

Listen Now

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Opening day is just a matter of days now!

Best in health and baseball,


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Your 2009 Baseball Predictions are HERE!

22 March 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Baseball is definitely in the air, and with only 17 days left
until opening day….it really is only a matter of time before
baseballs will literally be flying through the air across the

Are you ready??

I certainly am.

To help peak your excitement, I compiled the following
17 Predictions for the upcoming season! Enjoy!

PS. Save this email and hold me to them at the end of the
season! I’m ready for the challenge.

That said, here it goes!

17. The Arizona Diamondbacks will win the NL West on the strength
of Haren, Webb, and Garland.

16. The Chicago Cubs will FINALLY get back to the World Series.

15. The New York Yankees will regain championship form and face
these very Cubs in the World Series…and win it.

14. David Wright and Johan Santana win the NL MVP and NL Cy Young
respectively…sure I’m biased. But they will win these awards
and deserve them.

13. Speaking of David Wright…he becomes a 3-Time Gold Glove
Winner on the strength of his highly underrated but spectacular
glove at third.

12. Your A.L. Home Run Leader is….Josh Hamilton (but he needs
to stay healthy for a full season!)

11. Manny is still Manny and….is your NL Home Run Leader.

10. Mike Pelfrey justifies his first round draft status to finish
the season with 18 Wins and combine with Santana as one of the most
feared 1-2 combinations in the league.

9. Most surprising team in the NL – The San Francisco Giants.
Dominant young pitchers continue to mature with the help of veteran
hurler Randy Johnson

8. Most surprising team in the AL – Oakland A’s. Is it really a
surprise when Billy Bean continues to assemble contending teams
when he isn’t expected to…year after year after year?!?

7. Biggest fall from grace in the NL – The Milwaukee Brewers. No
C.C. means no N.L.C.S. In fact, no playoffs at all.

6. Biggest fall from grace in the AL – Tampa Bay Rays. Just edged
out of the playoffs this year due to the fact the EVERYBODY will
be ready for them this time around. No sneaking up on anyone!

5. NL Rookie of the Year – Daniel Murphy. Yes…this guy is the
Real Deal. Runner up – Cameron Maybin Florida’s superstud CF

4. AL Rookie of the Year – David Price of the Rays seems to have
a lock on this one in my book.

3. Player who will definitely have the dirtiest uniform at the
end of EVERY game – dirtball(in a good way) Dustin Pedroia.

2. More big name pitchers will wind up on the disable list this
season due to the longer spring training and WBC.

1. The Major League INsider Training System will continue to be
utilized by the game’s top players to keep them from falling into
this last category and instead stay on the mound where they can
lead their teams to championships!!

Is your arm ready??

Are you physically prepared to start your season??

Do you want to stay healthy all season??

If you think you or your team can still use that in season edge
don’t hesitate. Pick up the Major League INsider Training system
NOW and “arm” your team for the games ahead!

Are you IN?

Best in health and baseball,


P.S. Feel free to post your comments and predictions. In fact if you do post AND make more correct predictions

than me at the end of the season….I will give you a FREE hard copy of the Major League INsider Training System

autographed by David Wright!
P.P.S. Lots of new exercise and training videos coming in April!!
You are gonna love them! Glad to have you on board!

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Speed up your arm…by training it to slow down!

10 March 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello INsiders!

I know….I know….

The title sounds like an oxymoron. How can you speed up the arm if you’re

slowing it down?

Well…just as you wouldn’t want to drive a car fast if you had bad brakes,

your brain doesn’t want to allow your arm to accelerate too fast if it can’t

properly slow it down without risking injury to the rotator cuff.

The better it gets at decelerating safely…the sooner you will be able to

ramp it up and really start reaching your peak arm speed and potential!

Now that is exciting news! And most of all…easily done if you start incorporating

the exercise below into your arm conditioning program…

Feel free to post your comments or questions on the exercise and I will answer

all of them right here on the INSIDER’S BLOG!

Best in health and baseball,


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Baseball Conditioning – The “Wright” Way

3 March 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello INsider!

You know…people ask me all the time
what is a good way to get in “running shape”
for baseball?

Well, by conditioning like a baseball player!

Let me explain.

Sure you can get out and run long distances, but
not only is that B-O-R-I-N-G…but it isn’t even
the type of conditioning your body needs to play

Your running should be 4 Things:

Short, Explosive, Repetitive and Functional

Almost every action on the diamond is completed in
a brief period of time (i.e. swinging a bat, throwing a pitch)

It is an explosive event (bringing 90+ mph heat is definitely
not like taking a free throw in basketball!)

It is repetitive (pitchers can throw 100 pitches, batters can
swing more than 10 times in one at bat)

Function rules! Remember, when possible….train like you play
for the greatest carryover to the diamond.

That said………here is a GREAT, brief, explosive, repetitive
and functional running workout for players of all ages!

Major League Insider “COVERING THE BASES” Baserunning Program

Run the following at full intensity with good body control:

– 2 straight singles (through the bag…..walk back)
– 2 singles with a turn
– 1 first to third
– 1 tag-up from third
– 1 double
– 1 score from second
– 1 triple
– 1 tag-up from third
– 1 inside the park home-run

Take this one out to the diamond and try it for yourself!

You’ll definitely give yourself a “leg up” on your competition
with the season not too far away.

Best in health and baseball,


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