If It’s Good Enough For An All-Star Centerfielder….

11 June 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

This week I show you how one single exercise can finally teach your body to not only

“Stay Back” on the ball, but more importantly….hit with MORE POWER as a result!

Need any more convincing? All-Star CF Carlos Beltran adopted this exercise as

a daily pregame move that he felt help him “groove” this all important concept


Remember…without first LOADING, you cannot UNLOAD and UNLEASH your

true power! Load To Explode is here and here is a quick example! Enjoy

Til next week!

Best in health and baseball,


PS. Reserve your spot on the waiting list to train with me LIVE for two days

in an intensive one-on-one workshop! You get 16 hours with me teaching you

everything I know. Everything I use with my big league players is available to you!

Write to questions@majorleagueinsidertraining.com

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