Strength or Mechanics? We May Have Settled The Debate

26 June 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Just like the age old question of…

“What came first…the chicken or the egg?”
Baseball has it’s own version of this puzzle…..

What matters more to a pitcher? His strength and conditioning or his mechanics?

This week I had special guest Paul Reddick on the

Insider Training Blog and we sat down and discussed

this very issue…as only a “Strength and Conditioning Guy”

and “Mechanics Guy” could.

There are a lot of solid points brought up by each side…

but it’s the “answer” that you’re really going to want to hear….and why!

Find out what was said here:

Then, if you haven’t already…grab your copy of

by clicking here

Best in health and baseball,


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One Response to “Strength or Mechanics? We May Have Settled The Debate”

  1. JCL says:

    Excellent advice for any serious baseball player. I only wish that young men would take this part of their preparation very serious as part of their training and understanding of what it takes to be a complete, healthy ball player.


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