Think Before You Drink – How Much Water Do You Need For Baseball?

23 August 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello Insiders!

Going to switch it up a little bit this week.

Just as important as training the right way is to better performance
on the field….so too is proper nutrition and hydration!

Let me ask you….do you know how much water you REALLY should
be taking in while you are playing a game?

Even more important than that…do you know that even a 1% drop in
body water can cause a decrease in reaction time, concentration and
power generation?!?!

Wow….not exactly the kinds of things you need to disappear on you when
you’re out on the diamond trying to read and react to a 90+ mph heater or
when you’re on the mound trying to execute that payoff pitch!

Watch the video I put together for you as I explain (white board and all!)
exactly how much you should be drinking to perform at your best and to
maximize all the benefits your training has been giving you!

Best in health and baseball,


PS. Remember to mark Wednesday August 26th on your calendar!
Don’t miss your chance to have Jeff personally coach you to success as he
has with such greats as Pedro Martinez, David Wright, and Johan Santana,

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