Catcher’s Training for Legs – Strength Without The Soreness!

23 September 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

A good baseball workout will separate pitcher’s from position players
in terms of the exercises and drills that are performed. Obviously, the
physical responsibilities of each player are different….
and therefore the training must be too.

But take that a step further and do you think it’s necessary to break down
the position players training even more?

Do we need to “cut the pie” even further and train certain positions differently
than others?

Well, when it comes to that one guy that sits behind the dish…I think it’s pretty
obvious that nobody else on the field shares similar responsibilities.

Who else needs to squat and stand repeatedly over 200 times a game?

Who else needs to have cat like reflexes to field his position…from their knees?!?

Who else needs to be able to take the field game after game after game, after enduring the above?

Well….it’s time to show some love and give you catchers out there a killer,
quick leg circuit that you can do that will help build your strength
in and out of season….and keep your legs feeling strong and
fresh from the first game to the last!

Check it out here:

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One Response to “Catcher’s Training for Legs – Strength Without The Soreness!”

  1. Gerry says:

    i think this is an excellent workout because i am a catcher and pitch. my legs are always sore after catching so i am hoping this workout will help

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