Can Your Baseball Workout Program Prevent Injuries?

21 July 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello Insider,

For the majority of players…the most unpredictable element of your game is
your performance!

Some days its good….other days great….and still others, well, not so great.

But then you throw in the fact that a lot of you guys are competing with
not only high expectations from yourself, but also from others.

As one of the best players on your particular team, your teammates, coaches,
parents and even possibly college and pro scouts will often
expect a great deal from you….and god forbid….label you a “Can’t Miss” Prospect!

It drives me crazy!

Having spent a great deal of time around some of the greatest players to
ever step on a diamond….they would be the first to tell you, there is

This game ain’t that easy!

In the same breath, writing someone off because they emerge later in their
career than normal is equally aggravating. For whatever reason, some players
just “get it” after spending a few years taking their lumps.

Chalk it up to youth, physical development, learning the game, etc.
Whatever! The key is though….there are some great players that emerge
slightly later in their career to do some impressive things

Can you say…Nelson Cruz?!?!

Anway, check out this video to see why labeling a player either a “Can’t Miss”
or a “Never Will Be” are an equal disservice to the player…..
and ultimately can lead to an injury (which I’ll explain in the video)

So what can be done to prevent this?? Listen and discover how you
can establish a crucial element of predictability to your game….
that can serve to guide you to success (without all the bumps along the way!)

Best in health and baseball,

3 Responses to “Can Your Baseball Workout Program Prevent Injuries?”

  1. lisa silver says:

    I’ve been watching some of your youtube videos and I’m wondering if your workout is safe for middle school aged children. Do you recommend your program or is there a program out there that is as good and safe as yours for this age group? Very anxious to hear your response.

    Lisa Silver, a loving, but tough baseball mom :)

  2. Garrett Smith says:

    What can you do for elbow pain prevention? i know the traditional curls exercises but cant seem to get rid of the nagging pain. Are there any exercises you have specifically for the elbow?

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