Making Huge “STRIDES” To Being Dominant On The Mound

4 June 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey guys,

Excited to be back here for yet another week of video blogs! You know the old saying “A picture says a thousand words” right?

Well….it couldn’t be any more true, and I think that’s why this format has been so well received.

That said, you ask for it…YOU got it! Check out the video below for an explanation of how increasing your stride length can

have a signficant effect on the velocity with which you can throw the ball….or even the “Perceived Velocity” that you throw!

I know….I promised I’d bring you cool stuff didn’t I?


Also, yes…I finally got my first “You look like Nomar Garciaparra” comment! It took longer than I thought it would!

Here you go:

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PPS. Head over to to see what has the baseball world “buzzing”

Til next week,

Best in health and baseball,


4 Responses to “Making Huge “STRIDES” To Being Dominant On The Mound”

  1. Gary Lombard says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Great stuff so far, thanks. I am coaching a 17U baseball team consisting of players that I have coached in the past along with new players that I have never worked with before. Although my pitchers have different deliveries, they all seem to have a similar problem, missing inside when wanting to to go outside and vise versa. Three of the pitchers I had coached previously didn’t have this problem prior to this year, could it be part of them growing? Do you have any tips to help them overcome this?
    Please help and thanks for everything you’ve shared with us so far.


  2. Cool site, love the info.

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