Have You Ever Tried To Swing A Baseball Bat In A Canoe?

15 August 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello Insider!

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I last put together a video…
but I definitely wasn’t taking a vacation!

I’ve been working on bringing you something very exciting!

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek of what’s in store and how YOU can benefit from this!!

Also, in this video see why trying to hit a baseball (regardless of how strong you are)
without hip stability is like trying to swing a bat while standing in a canoe.

Probably not going to produce much power are you? Not to mention
there is a good chance you’re going to get wet!

Watch below and stay tuned for the special announcement
of what’s coming up here NEXT WEEK on Major League Insider Training….

You’re going to want to act quick next week…the opportunity of a lifetime will be very limited!

Best in health and baseball,

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