Find Out If You Have Major League Power

19 June 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Where do you stack up against your peers and
even the big leaguers in the power department?

Did you ever wish there was a test that you could
do anywhere that would allow you to get a better
sense of the answer to this question?

Well…here it is!

Take a look at the explosion this young guy has and
just what it means to his potential to throw much harder
than he is already.

This is just one of the 6 tests you can perform right now in your own
backyard to figure out just where you stack up against, not only others
your age, but the big leaguers as well.

Get the rest of them in the Major League Insider Training System

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PS. Send in those “Last Chance Til September” applications to for your chance to
have your game changed forever (like this young man did), by
spending 2 Days Training with me in the “Inside The Game”
Workshop. Don’t miss your last chance!

One Response to “Find Out If You Have Major League Power”

  1. Jacobdoulbeduce says:

    I am a 115 pound, 5 foot 10 inch, 14 year old catcher. I was wonder what u suggest i should get to help build muscle that will help me both behind the plate and in the batters box. Please respond quickly.

    Thanks Jake

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