Who Knew Biceps Curls Were The PERFECT Exercise for Pitchers?!?

6 May 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey Guys,

So…as you know, I would say that when it comes to baseball training and conditioning
I’ve been around the block.

I’m not saying that I’ve seen EVERYTHING, because I’m a true believer that if you just open
your eyes, you can learn something new each and every day.

However, I have seen lots of stuff being done in Major League Weight Rooms, local gyms, and
by various trainers that would make you just shake your head and wonder aloud…

“What the heck does that have to do with baseball?!?”

Well, in some circles…the biceps curl exercise (yes, the same old boring version that has been around
since the days that Arnold and his buddies were doing them just to showcase their arms for the girls
on Venice Beach) has unfairly gotten knocked as having no place in a true baseball or pitcher’s workout

While that may be true, because the standing biceps curl isn’t either a particularly athletic or functional
exercise as it relates to the pitching motion…it doesn’t mean that we never want to strengthen them and
instead only focus on the muscles that we “think” control the pitching delivery.

We have a tendency to focus ONLY on the muscles that generate the forward motion….but neglect those muscles
behind the scenes that “CONTROL” that forward motion. Remember, as I’ve written about on here before, a failure to
consider these “cameo actors” can ruin even the biggest blockbuster movie!

See my point?

So….the question then becomes, how can we work the biceps in a way that is more functional to what we really do
when out on the mound?

Glad you asked.

The Cable Curl and Crunch does just that from a standpoint of tying in the lower body and core.

In a subsequent post, I will show you another variation that will work the biceps more in their role as
the decelerators of throwing. But for now, lets make the classic Arnold Barbell Curl a bit more useful
for you guys whose goal it is to fans in the “STANDS” who cheer your every move, instead of fans in the

That said…….the Cable Curl and Crunch

Best in health and baseball,


12 Responses to “Who Knew Biceps Curls Were The PERFECT Exercise for Pitchers?!?”

  1. Edd Eaton says:

    Our web site should be up and running by next week, maybe sooner.
    We get the same questions and our answer has been, tone and strengthen not bulking up. Pretty generic.
    The only problem I had is my inability to veiw the video on cable curl and crunch. I have tried several ways , but as yet no luck. Any Ideas? How is it loaded?
    Edd Eaton

  2. Steve says:

    What about hammer curls? Are they bad? Because when I do them, sometimes I feel a little pain in the front of my shoulder?

  3. Steve says:

    Ok thanks Jeff, but I have another question. Can having an inflamed biceps tendon effect the way you throw? Because when I try to throw it bothers me a little bit and I cannot seem to accelerate my arm as quick as I used to?

  4. Philip says:

    Jeff is right. I also had shoulder pains when I started doing hammer curls as well. I found that the pain subsided when my chest was out and shoulders blades pinched. I believe this also may be the proper position for hammer curls. It also bothered my shoulder more doing hammer curls with the cable than dumbbells. Hope it helps!


    I totally agree with you when it comes to bulking… I always worked out just to strengthen and tone. I really started noticing improvements in strength and velocity when I started “bulking”. Funny thing is… I have been “bulking” for 6 months and have gained mass but have a long ways before I get “too big” to pitch. I’ve also kept up with my flexibility and have become MORE flexible over the months.

  5. Mike says:

    Hey guys, I’m a 35 y.o R handed pitcher who hasn’t abandoned competing & I’m in need of some expertise. Where can I get my hands on a COMPLETE strength & conditioning regimen that’s MLB caliber? I currently have the time & desire to train 5-6 days a week and have been doing so for approximately 5 months. I am also a starter on sundays in my wood bat league for 25+. I want the most of out my training and feel I’m leaving a lot “on the table”. Can someone help me?? Jeff, thank you for the video’s and any additional insight you can provide. I appreciate all input & comments, knowledge = POWER!

    Wishing ALL continued baseball health,


  6. Steve says:

    I will definitely take your advise. Thank you very much Jeff I appreciate you answering my questions.

  7. jordan says:

    hello jeff, im currently playing at Brevard Community with Ernie Rosseau as the head coach. Im going to be the number 1 there next season and Coach Rosseau wanted to give me the Johan Santana workout, but it was too big to send through email and too many pages to print. I was wondering if there was any other way to send it to me?
    jordan wellander

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