Your 2009 Baseball Predictions are HERE!

22 March 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Baseball is definitely in the air, and with only 17 days left
until opening day….it really is only a matter of time before
baseballs will literally be flying through the air across the

Are you ready??

I certainly am.

To help peak your excitement, I compiled the following
17 Predictions for the upcoming season! Enjoy!

PS. Save this email and hold me to them at the end of the
season! I’m ready for the challenge.

That said, here it goes!

17. The Arizona Diamondbacks will win the NL West on the strength
of Haren, Webb, and Garland.

16. The Chicago Cubs will FINALLY get back to the World Series.

15. The New York Yankees will regain championship form and face
these very Cubs in the World Series…and win it.

14. David Wright and Johan Santana win the NL MVP and NL Cy Young
respectively…sure I’m biased. But they will win these awards
and deserve them.

13. Speaking of David Wright…he becomes a 3-Time Gold Glove
Winner on the strength of his highly underrated but spectacular
glove at third.

12. Your A.L. Home Run Leader is….Josh Hamilton (but he needs
to stay healthy for a full season!)

11. Manny is still Manny and….is your NL Home Run Leader.

10. Mike Pelfrey justifies his first round draft status to finish
the season with 18 Wins and combine with Santana as one of the most
feared 1-2 combinations in the league.

9. Most surprising team in the NL – The San Francisco Giants.
Dominant young pitchers continue to mature with the help of veteran
hurler Randy Johnson

8. Most surprising team in the AL – Oakland A’s. Is it really a
surprise when Billy Bean continues to assemble contending teams
when he isn’t expected to…year after year after year?!?

7. Biggest fall from grace in the NL – The Milwaukee Brewers. No
C.C. means no N.L.C.S. In fact, no playoffs at all.

6. Biggest fall from grace in the AL – Tampa Bay Rays. Just edged
out of the playoffs this year due to the fact the EVERYBODY will
be ready for them this time around. No sneaking up on anyone!

5. NL Rookie of the Year – Daniel Murphy. Yes…this guy is the
Real Deal. Runner up – Cameron Maybin Florida’s superstud CF

4. AL Rookie of the Year – David Price of the Rays seems to have
a lock on this one in my book.

3. Player who will definitely have the dirtiest uniform at the
end of EVERY game – dirtball(in a good way) Dustin Pedroia.

2. More big name pitchers will wind up on the disable list this
season due to the longer spring training and WBC.

1. The Major League INsider Training System will continue to be
utilized by the game’s top players to keep them from falling into
this last category and instead stay on the mound where they can
lead their teams to championships!!

Is your arm ready??

Are you physically prepared to start your season??

Do you want to stay healthy all season??

If you think you or your team can still use that in season edge
don’t hesitate. Pick up the Major League INsider Training system
NOW and “arm” your team for the games ahead!

Are you IN?

Best in health and baseball,


P.S. Feel free to post your comments and predictions. In fact if you do post AND make more correct predictions

than me at the end of the season….I will give you a FREE hard copy of the Major League INsider Training System

autographed by David Wright!
P.P.S. Lots of new exercise and training videos coming in April!!
You are gonna love them! Glad to have you on board!

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