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1 April 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey everyone!

I am sorry that I’ve been a bit out of touch for the last week or so, but

there are so many exciting things going on here at Major League INsider Training!

I wanted to let you listen to this audio clip about a new partnership that I formed with

my friend and colleague… pitching coach Rick Peterson….that is truly going to be

a “Game Changer”!

Youth pitching injuries may truly be a thing of the past from now on!!

Take a listen and feel free to add your comments!

Listen Now

I will be sure to update you guys as we move ahead. As INsiders, you will no doubt

get the FIRST WORD before anyone else…as well as first crack when the program

is live.

Due to the sophistication that goes into each analysis….spots will be limited upon its release to market.

I’ll be sure you don’t get left standing at the door!

That said, take a listen.

Listen Now

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Opening day is just a matter of days now!

Best in health and baseball,


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