Baseball Conditioning – The “Wright” Way

3 March 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello INsider!

You know…people ask me all the time
what is a good way to get in “running shape”
for baseball?

Well, by conditioning like a baseball player!

Let me explain.

Sure you can get out and run long distances, but
not only is that B-O-R-I-N-G…but it isn’t even
the type of conditioning your body needs to play

Your running should be 4 Things:

Short, Explosive, Repetitive and Functional

Almost every action on the diamond is completed in
a brief period of time (i.e. swinging a bat, throwing a pitch)

It is an explosive event (bringing 90+ mph heat is definitely
not like taking a free throw in basketball!)

It is repetitive (pitchers can throw 100 pitches, batters can
swing more than 10 times in one at bat)

Function rules! Remember, when possible….train like you play
for the greatest carryover to the diamond.

That said………here is a GREAT, brief, explosive, repetitive
and functional running workout for players of all ages!

Major League Insider “COVERING THE BASES” Baserunning Program

Run the following at full intensity with good body control:

– 2 straight singles (through the bag…..walk back)
– 2 singles with a turn
– 1 first to third
– 1 tag-up from third
– 1 double
– 1 score from second
– 1 triple
– 1 tag-up from third
– 1 inside the park home-run

Take this one out to the diamond and try it for yourself!

You’ll definitely give yourself a “leg up” on your competition
with the season not too far away.

Best in health and baseball,


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