Speed up your arm…by training it to slow down!

10 March 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello INsiders!

I know….I know….

The title sounds like an oxymoron. How can you speed up the arm if you’re

slowing it down?

Well…just as you wouldn’t want to drive a car fast if you had bad brakes,

your brain doesn’t want to allow your arm to accelerate too fast if it can’t

properly slow it down without risking injury to the rotator cuff.

The better it gets at decelerating safely…the sooner you will be able to

ramp it up and really start reaching your peak arm speed and potential!

Now that is exciting news! And most of all…easily done if you start incorporating

the exercise below into your arm conditioning program…

Feel free to post your comments or questions on the exercise and I will answer

all of them right here on the INSIDER’S BLOG!

Best in health and baseball,


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