Torii Hunter “POWERS UP”…and Saves The Game!

11 May 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

If you haven’t seen it by now…Anaheim’s Torii Hunter made one
of the best catches I’ve seen in a long time….not only
robbing a homerun with a tremendous leaping catch, but doing
so to save the game and preserve a win for his Angels.

If you missed it somehow….check this out!

Torii seems to make a habit of making great catches…

But that’s not all.

He also makes a habit of training hard and training explosively!

You see…there is a difference in just training and training E-X-P-L-O-S-I-V-E-L-Y!!

Whether you are a pitcher, catcher, second baseman, or centerfielder…if your training
program does not incorporate POWER training at the right time and with the right exercises,
you are missing out on a vital piece of the puzzle to making you a better player than you are now.

POWER is simply a combination of mass x speed. Short quick burst purposeful movements.

When you train for baseball you need to:

– Train the body to apply force from the legs to the mound for a high octane push off if you’re a pitcher.
– Train the body to unleash the hips with the velocity of a tornado at ball contact to drive the ball with more power.
– Train the body to explode off the dirt after diving into the hole to rob a sure base hit and then fire a bullet to 1st for the out.
– Train the body to sprint at breakneck speed into the gap, plant, and then leap with a vertical that would impress Lebron James to
rob a potential game winning homer!

Torii Hunter knows this…

Great pitchers like Johan Santana throws with this…

And the Major League Insider Training System shows you exactly how to do it!

Are you IN?

Stay tuned. More explosive exercises soon to come on the blog, as well as a special opportunity
to get your hands on what people are already saying might be the “hottest baseball DVD series
available today… “Load to Explode” ! You’re not going to want to miss these!

Keep working…and playing hard.

Best in health and baseball,


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