“Turn” on the POWER in your swing!

26 April 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hello Insider!

Want to “turn” on that hidden power in your swing?

Did you ever wonder if you had more in you but just weren’t efficiently tapping into it?

Include this one exercise in your training routine and in no time you’ll find that you will
start clearing the fences with more and more ease!

It is the combined action of the back hip “load and explode” and the powerful core rotation that makes this upper body
exercise a can’t miss if you’re looking for more “pop” in your bat this year.

If you haven’t been utilizing these muscles the way they are capable of working…you might even surprise yourself when
you see where the balls you hit are going to start landing!

For more exercises that you can’t afford NOT to be doing if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition
this season…..

Make sure to pick up your copy of the Major League Insider Training System and finally untap your peak potential
as a player in the shortest time possible.

Are you IN?

Best in health and baseball,


4 Responses to ““Turn” on the POWER in your swing!”

  1. Garrett Retka says:


    Little off topic but I was wondering if you can suggest what a (position) player needs to do to while
    in-season for training.


  2. Leland Valdez says:


    My son has increased his strength and bat speed since we incorporated this exercise into his program. We have also used the resistance band to build arm strength as provided in your video. Great stuff! Thank you.


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