John Maine Q & A

27 February 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Live from Spring Training….Mets top young gun….John Maine answers your questions:

I want to thank those that posted questions!

John was asked, and answered all of them…as well as one more that I threw at him.

Here are his candid answers!

1. John, I would like to know what the best advice he could give to a 13 year

old that is dreaming of being a big leaguer. I have 3 of them on my team alone!

I’m sure there are plenty more. I was just wondering what good nugget you might

have for them. Thanks and good luck this season….Coach B

JM: Hi Coach! The best advice I could to a young ball player nowadays is

to remember that baseball is a game and it should be fun! Too many times I

see kids that are pressing too hard to be good, and it winds up having the opposite

effect. As a coach, you are in the perfect position to make sure they remember this.

Now that doesn’t mean not working hard. Hard work and commitment are key, but

without a little fun too, the game can wear a kid out before he has a chance to see how

good he can become.

2. Hi John. I am a high school senior pitcher and I am the ace on my team. I was wondering how hard you were throwing when you were a senior in high school?? Russell

JM: Hey Russell! Well…given that my fastball has always been my best pitch, I was able

to bring some pretty good heat as a senior. I would say I was in the upper 80’s with

movement. My pitches seem to have natural upward movement on them which made it

even a little more deceptive. I would say though, if I could give a young pitcher some

advice…don’t worry so much about the speed first. Accuracy, and being able

to throw strikes on any count is much more important initially. The velocity

will come as you build arm strength.

3. John, do you run between starts? If so, what kind of running do you do? Jake

Jake…thanks for the question! Yes, I definitely run between starts. I think

it keeps my legs feeling strong throughout the long season. Don’t get me wrong,

I don’t run marathons or anything! I usually start with a flush run for 20-25

minutes the day after I start. I also workout my legs and core that day. Then,

I gradually taper down the runs, making them more explosive as I get closer

to my next start. So, on Day 2 I will run some variation of poles (like a 2/4/6).

Day 3 I will do some Sprint/Walk/Jogs for a little more intensity. And finally, the

day before I pitch I keep it short and sweet…9 sprints to centerfield. Just enough

to get some blood flowing but not to tire me out!

4. I would love to ask John two questions if I could. The first, how many times a week does he do is core program (my abs are still killing me every time I do it!), and on a personal note, when did he realize he could be as good as he is. I know he struggled early on in Baltimore…Evan

What’s up Evan? Thanks for the questions. First, my core program is something that

I worked hard on with Jeff. He and I came up with those exercises, most of which are

pilates based, and I feel like they really helped me decrease my fatigue from start to

start. I made them part of my regular routine and wound up doing them 2 times

before every start. As for realizing how good I could be. It’s funny, because I really

don’t even think I am that good! I am my harshest critic by far, but I like it that way.

I don’t ever feel like you can reach a point where you can’t get any better. You should

always have something to strive for. I am motivated to always be better.

Finally, one from me to John

5. John, what hobby or interest do you have off the field that people might be surprised to know?

Well….I love fantasy football and the Carolina Panthers. If only I could have

found a way to have had DeAngelo Williams on my team this past season I think I

would have taken home the title! That said, I want to go on record right here

and now and say….2009 will be the year that my fantasy football team WINS

it’s second title! The Lombardi Trophy can come back to it’s rightful owner!

Again, I want to thank everyone for sending in your questions.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to ask your favorite players what’s on your mind!

Best in health and baseball,


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