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19 May 2009 • Major League Insider Training.

Hey Guys!

Check out the new format! Feel free to add your comments and feedback below

Also….make sure to send those questions and if your question is selected and read right here on the INsider Training Blog
you’re going to win your very own copy of the upcoming “Load to Explode” DVD, just for speaking up!

See…it pays to ask questions!

That said, let’s answer Ryan from Illinois’s question on WARMING UP…..the right way!

9 Responses to “Insider Blog – Up Close and Personal”

  1. Marcus Drake says:


    I am a visual learner and ths new format really works better for me


  2. Fred D says:

    Video is alot better than a long explanation. It beats trying to follow someone elses written explanation of routines or exercises. Keep up the great visaul information


  3. Harry van Rijn says:

    Jeff, I like the way you explane.
    Pure en simpel and with very good training / warming up drills.
    I already learn al lot.

    We do the warming up with our little guy with agility drills how do you feel about that, agilty drills.
    Harry form Almere in the Netherlands

  4. How C. says:

    Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place.

    To Mr. Jeff Cavelier

    Good afternoon Mr. Cavelier. I am actually a Singaporean who is living in Thailand. Thailand is a country that has no baseball, so I have not played baseball until my senior year at school. SInce there is no baseball field, I pitch with my friend in a basketball court on flat ground. I am very much interested in baseball and have several questions to ask, but I will only stick to one.

    I am very much underweight, about 45 kilograms, roughly 100 pounds. I am aware that Force = mass x acceleration, putting me at a big disadvantage, espacially since I have never had a baseball coach to guide me to the correct mechanics and study mechanics by reading articles in the internet and baseball books. My question is that do you think for a person being my size (170 cm) and 45 kilograms, can pitch at a high velocity? Please reply. Thank you for your time

    Best regards,

    How C.

  5. How C. says:

    Thank you very much for the reply.

    I am 17 years old and might go to a university in the States to play baseball if i can. Also, I think that it’s due to my high level of metabolism that I am so thin and light, probably an effect of my genes. I eat alot but never get fat. I will work on my legs as much as possible thank you.

    Best regards


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